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About Us
About Us

The divide between online and brick-and-mortar business is sometimes vast; truthfully though, there is much that local businesses can do to compete with ecommerce sites.  Earnest Apps was born out of a desire to help local business owners learn how to navigate in cyberspace and even more importantly, to compete effectivly.  A division of Earnest Enterprises, LLC, we here at Earnest Apps are devoted to just that: apps.


A custom business app doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.  We create dynamic web apps that attract and engage customers.  Because our apps are web-based, updates are easy and inexpensive as compared to native apps (those you find on the iTunes store or on Google Play).  


We delight in creating custom products that work FOR a business...that help with marketing and visibility as well as attracting customers to buy again and again.  Our service allows you to be completely hands-off.  We can design and maintain the product for you! If you prefer to jump right in and get involved, we're happy to show you how to use the platform.  It's very easy to manage!


The younger people in today's world expect businesses to interact and engage with them, especially on mobile devices.  Having an app makes you look tech savvy and helps you keep up with them.  Tools like our mobile deals, loyalty/rewards program, and social sharing blend nicely with your marketing and promotion efforts.  In addition, having electronic programs allows you to go paperless.  Our apps are environmentally friendly.


If you're interested in learning more about having an app, contact us today. A brief consultation can help you know how our mobile app would work for your business.


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Earnest Apps: Our mission is helping businesses grow.